Get Answers From Angels – How Do You Do It?

By Dorothy Rettay | Jun 26, 2012 | No Comments

If you want answers from angels, don’t hold yourself back and don’t let anyone tell you it cannot be done.

You and every person on this Earth has at least one angel and sometimes a whole team of angels, loving, guarding and constantly trying to communicate with you. There are many ways in which an angel will reach out to you, but often people close their minds to their angels’ messages. There are many things that you may do that make it difficult for these messages to reach you; and there are many things you can do to help connect and get answers from angels.

What Interferes With Communication With Angels?

Negative feelings – Are you angry, jealous, guilty or filled with hatred for anyone? Stop! Relax with the help of meditation and cleanse your mind of all negativity. Angels cannot reach you when you are filled with negative energy. Forgive, be kind, focus on God and the blessings you have received. Build empathy for everyone around you – and as your positive energy increases, you will be able to connect and receive answers from angels.

Unusual expectations – Angels can be seen; true! However, they do not usually appear dramatically before your very eyes when you call them. Trying too hard to see them or hear them could actually block the channel. The more you strain for it, the more difficult it becomes to receive answers from angels. Always relax and try tuning inward, not outward.

What Will Help You To Connect Faster and Better With Angels?

1.   Believe – There is no bigger power than belief. When you believe, nothing can stand in your path. Your faith is the most powerful thing in this universe. It is connected directly to God, the universe or whatever greater power you believe in. If you learn to believe, you will be able to tune your mind to achieve anything you want in life. ANYTHING! We are not talking about blind faith. We are talking about faith based on your personal experiences.

2.   Stay Tuned To Signs And Feelings –Angel energy is around you all the time. By becoming mindful and aware of it, you will attract more experiences to you.  For some, you might hear “the still small voice within;” this is called clairaudience. For others, it is a feeling that you have to do something, say something, or stop doing something. This urge may be guidance from your angel, especially if it comes as an answer you have been seeking. It will not be overpowering – for angels will not interfere with your free will. Repetitive messages are often a clear indication of something you could or should consider doing. Look for the coincidences in your life. Your angel talks to you all the time – if you get a bad feeling about something, or a good feeling about something – this is probably advice from your angel. Pay attention!

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